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Facilities Management and climate change
Strategic FMs must plan for climate change now
Taking a proactive approach is crucial to managing the threat of climate change and minimising the impact on facilities.
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Two men on scaffolding on a construction site
NEC contract management in the construction sector
In the complex world of construction, effective contract management is the key to successful project delivery.
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Sustainable offices
Sustainability week: Navigating the journey to a greener workplace
Our internal Sustainability Week was a chance to share our progress, educate ourselves on sustainable practices, and to remind us all why it’s important that we continue to change the way we operate.
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Net Zero roundtable
Education is key to making impact on achieving Net Zero targets
Last week, we hosted a roundtable with members of the Facilities Management (FM) community in Aberdeen to discuss how we can achieve more sustainable practices through FM.
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Building your ideal workplace the most cost efficient and sustainable way
Building your ideal workplace the most cost efficient and sustainable way
Creating the perfect workplace starts with questions (the right questions) and people (the right people). The right questions are often the difficult questions.
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Diversity in the workplace
Guided by different voices: How diversity is shaping the changing workplace
The winds of change have been blowing for a while, with opportunities to disrupt the status quo being seized left, right and centre.
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Overlooking courtyard and building front of 4-5 Lochside avenue
Performance Management in FM: Back to Basics
How do you monitor the performance of your FM contract to ensure your service is delivered at the right quality and optimal cost? By going back to basics with contract management.
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IWFM Scotland Conference Roundup
Last week’s IWFM Scotland Conference in Edinburgh brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss pressing issues and emerging trends in Facilities Management.
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Keyboard with perfect written on one of the keys
The perfect workplace
Describing a perfect workplace is nigh on impossible. Defining how we get there, however, is not – it’s actually quite simple and begins with questions and people.
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