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Employee using a magnifying glass to read data charts
You Want Evidence?
Decisions should follow examination of evidence. Evidence should come from analysing data. Data should come from measuring observables.
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The Workplace: A Day in the Life
The workplace is used by individuals with a range of characteristics and personalities. It has to support and respond to many different needs, being forced to cope with often competing requirements. Is there a typical user?
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Brainstorming with sticky notes on a whiteboard
Is 2020, the Age of Workplace Enlightenment?
We know the days of 1-to-1 desking have slowly been becoming a thing of the past for a number of years. Fast forward to summer 2020 and we have a global pandemic acting as the workplace change catalyst.
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Development sketch of a stormtrooper
Workplace Consultancy and the Great Lockdown of 2020
If only we’d known just how easy it was, we’d have done this a lot sooner. But we sort of did. We just chose not to work from home in great numbers.
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Picture of a young woman working from home reflected in a lamp shade
How has life changed since lockdown… from the perspective of an interior designer
I feel very fortunate that SPACE took the decision to migrate early to ‘working from home’. We had the IT hardware and software tried and tested and there was the two-way trust from directors, my team and colleagues to make the transition into lockdown somewhat seamless.
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Business professional onsite assessing facilities management
Is it the right time to review your Facilities Management strategy?
What do you do with the properties you manage and the people who occupy them?
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Long row of uniform desk chairs and desks
FLIP! Is it time (again) to talk about the flipped office?
Virtual personal communication has increased exponentially with the near ubiquity of the different messaging apps, but there’s a lot to be said about being in the same room as the person you're talking to,
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Empty desks and chairs in an office room
The Rise of the Unbookables
Eventually life will return to a new normal. Will meetings, be any different from before? There is likely to be a difference between internal and external meetings in the brave new world, with some of the changes already happening.
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CHAS, Children's Hospice Association Scotland
A Workplace Environment to Support a Community of Individuals
In early 2019, SPACE won the opportunity to work with CHAS in developing a workplace strategy for their Scottish office and hospice locations. During visits to the two hospices, we witnessed first-hand the amazing work the staff and volunteers do.
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