Sustainable Workplace Practices

Space Solutions is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and meeting the Scottish Government’s net zero targets. We are a team of passionate individuals who are committed to making a difference wherever we can.

Our approach as a business is broken down into three areas:

  1. How we operate as a business
  2. How we deliver services to our clients
  3. How we communicate internally and externally.

How we operate as a business

Space Solutions is committed to creating a more sustainable estate, starting with challenging our employees to reduce our energy usage by 5% by 2026 through a programme of behaviour change.

Our clients are located across Scotland and the UK, and travel is a requirement to ensure quality of service. As a business we actively promote green travel and have targeted a 10% reduction in business mileage by 2026. All our pool cars are hybrid and where fleet vehicles are being replaced, hybrid / EV (Electric Vehicle) / alternative fuel vehicles will be purchased.

We have chosen targets that employees, at every level, can influence on a daily basis; everyone has a part to play in making Space Solutions a sustainable business in line with our Environmental, Social and Governance aspirations.

Every stage of the RIBA 2020 Plan of Work can address sustainability

Understand the benefits/constraints of green leases

Right-size your space requirements/ manage evolving demand for space

Embrace the circular economy

Creating a sustainable supply chain

Choose workspaces near public transport links/ provide active travel facilities

A sustainable workforce implies equitable access to opportunities/ training

Discuss the client's sustainability aspirations early

Site waste - reduce it, monitor it, measure it and manage it

Don't over specify technology

Reduce workplace waste through encouraging behaviour change

Design spaces with natural ventilation and daylight in mind

Design spaces to support employee health and wellbeing

Reduce embodied carbon through retro-fit

Share best practise with colleagues and clients

How we deliver services to our clients

As the infographic shows, there is a range of opportunities at all stages of projects when working with clients to reduce their carbon footprint. We will challenge our clients and accept the challenge to meet their aspirations.

Our thinking is informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and RIBA’s Sustainable Outcomes Guide.


How we communicate internally and externally

We will share best practice, learn from technical experts and report regularly on our journey towards the above targets. The ability for Space Solutions to meet the challenges we all face will come from having a knowledgeable workforce who make use of available learning resources.

Space Solutions has an in-house Environmental & Sustainability Group made up of employees from all areas of the business and covering our geographic spread across Scotland. They have been tasked by our Leadership Team to be the driving force behind our approach to Sustainability.

We have published our Sustainability Statement and will update this and our Carbon Assessment on a regular basis.

Get in touch

As part of the Group’s activities, attending and speaking at events is central to keeping on top of an ever-changing landscape. We are eager to learn from similar businesses and understand how we can improve our approach to workplace sustainability. If you’d like to engage in a conversation with the team or take part in any of our future events then get in touch.

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