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Interior Design

Office interior design bridges the gaps between architecture, your brand, and your people.

It’s an understanding and appreciation of three-dimensional space and how that space will look and feel. We listen to the stories of your workplace and create an environment for you and your people to flourish. 

Our Approach

What constitutes a workplace is becoming more and more blurred: a hotel, a café, a visitor centre, the home – types of space flow from one to another and our team of interior designers embrace this. From daydreaming about the possibilities of pre-cast concrete to debating if a pattern should repeat at 520mm or 1040mm centres to designing for neurodiversity and accessibility, we are committed to the details and nuance for creating your perfect space. Your brand identity, values, and tone of voice are interwoven throughout your environment and our designs reflect this. 

Our designers stand in the space with you discussing challenges and opportunities to create an environment:

  • You want to work in
  • You feel rewarded to be in
  • That supports and motivates you 

We operate on a ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ methodology and we reuse, repurpose, and rejuvenate where possible. It’s important we understand what sustainability accreditations are important to you from the outset, and we adopt your company’s green values in our workplace design to assure these are met. We work in conjunction with Zero Waste Scotland’s 10 circular economy principles, adopting a holistic whole life value approach to design. 

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