Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring Health & Safety is considered in everything we do.

To support our employees, partners, clients, and sub-contractors, we’ve created Safe Space. This innovative initiative ensures we all understand our responsibilities and rights in the workplace. We work closely with our colleagues, clients, stakeholders and supply chains to build a safe, sustainable future for the business. Together, we create a safe environment to work.

RoSPA Bronze Award

We’re proud recipients of the RoSPA Bronze award, a recognition of our commitment to health and safety across the business and our long-term commitment to continually raising health and safety standards.

We are delighted to have achieved the RoSPA Bronze Award. Safety is one of our core values, we work closely with our colleagues and clients to build a safe, sustainable future for the business.


Here’s what our commitment to a Safe Space means: 

We ensure our employees understand their rights and responsibilities.

  • Understand workplace hazards and what to do about them 
  • Participate in solving workplace health & safety problems 
  • Refuse to work if you believe it is unsafe 
  • Follow the law and workplace health & safety policies and procedures 
  • Wear and use the protective equipment required by their employer
  • Work and act in a way that won’t hurt themselves or anyone else  

As an employer, SPACE is committed to ensuring you know about hazards and dangers, providing information, training, instruction, and supervision on how to work safely. Our workplace health & safety procedures are implemented company wide. As part of this, we make sure you have, wear, and use the right protective equipment (PPE) as well as ensuring we do everything reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers from being hurt or receiving a work-related illness. 

  • Inform you of the hazards and dangers of your workplace  
  • Respond to your concerns
  • Show you safe working practices 
  • Ensure you follow workplace health & safety laws, policies, and procedures 
  • Ensure the availability, and use of, PPE 
  • Protect you as best as possible from injury or work-related illness  


If you have any questions relating to our Health & Safety practices please get in touch and a member of our QHSE team will be happy to help.

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