Consultancy & Design

We are experts in the built environment, creating great spaces designed for the people who use them.

Our Workplace Consultancy & Design team is made up of workplace consultants, architects, interior designers, and move and change management specialists defining the design and spatial needs of your workplace. 

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Our four core workplace design services join together to deliver your optimal space. Commissioned separately or as a whole, our Consultancy & Design division are here to help you get the most out of your workplace. Every brief, every client, and every design will be totally unique.  

Workplace Consultancy
Workplace Consultancy helps you optimise the use of your space by defining your ideal workplace and explaining how it will be delivered. 
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Architecture Kingshill
Our experienced team of architects and design professionals combine depth of resources and service diversity to deliver projects built around your needs.
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Interior Design
Our Interior Design services bridge the gap between architecture, your brand, and your people. We listen to the stories of your workplace and create an environment for you and your people to flourish.  
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Move & Change Management Services
Move & Change Management
Relocation or change, regardless of size, is bound to be daunting, complex, and challenging. To get it right, you have to get the management right.
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