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Adding the last piece to the puzzle, representing missing link
Don't overlook your FM strategy
Most organisations are considering terms like hybrid model, flexi-working, and alternating shift-patterns when thinking about the future of their workplace. The question is, have the requirements for these adjustments been reviewed by your FM team?
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Businessman going over business process diagram on whiteboard.
Business processes: Do we need them in our lives?
Processes keep everything running smoothly, and we often overlook their value. It’s only when they break that we realise how important they are to our everyday lives.
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SPACE's sight signage for sorting used materials into recycle piles.
Reflections on Circular Economy Week
With 4/5 of Scotland’s carbon footprint coming from waste, it’s important to recognise the value in reusing, recycling, or repurposing existing materials.
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Change Management: Your guide for getting back to the workplace
Change, once again, is upon us. When the government lifts restrictions on office closures, you're going to have to consider if you've adequately prepared your space and staff for a shift in working conditions.
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Venn diagram representing the relationship between people, place, and technology in the workplace.
Workplace Consultancy: A stepping stone on the return to the workplace
The widespread return to the workplace after 15 months of working from home is fraught with many challenges. High on the agenda is confidence in returning to a safe environment.
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Standing Tall: Why FM is no longer the invisible service
Every year, the global FM community comes together to celebrate the successes and achievements of the industry as part of World FM Day. For those outside the community, this event usually passes by without much note.
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Still of The Cure performing 'Friday I'm in Love'
What about a 4-day week?
Over the past hundred years or so we’ve pretty much settled on a recognised five day work week. Time for a new world order? Time for a four day work week?
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Bouquets of spring flowers
Flowers from the petrol station - Don't let your workplace become an afterthought
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas. They come around regular as clockwork. Global pandemics don't. But as we’ve all experienced since March 2020, when they hit, they can have an effect that touches everyone and every walk of life.
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Graphic images depicting the senses
All Teamed Out
Twenty Twenty, the year the world migrated from physical to virtual interactions and exchanges. Have we seen a decrease in burn-out in the workplace or is VC fatigue today’s biggest challenge?
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