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London Bridge in the sunshine
Hedging your bets – the big move from the big smoke
When Covid-19 hit back in March 2020, the world changed in such a drastic and global way, one probably not seen since the World Wars. We were all ordered to “stay home” and “save lives”. Everything came to a standstill.
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Whisper it, technology is giving some a louder voice
One of the interesting things during lockdown has been the coining of new phrases that respond to some of the new challenges and opportunities we’re experiencing. One such phrase is “democratisation of information.”
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City view from floor to ceiling windows in a meeting room
What’s the view from your workplace?
With such a huge proportion of us still working from home, our kitchens, living rooms and spare bedrooms have become the new workplace. Teams and Zoom have opened up our homes to the world and I think everyone has enjoyed a wee nosey.
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Commuters on the morning bus ride to work
The real value of your commute
Is there a value to what was a daily ritual for many or is the commute just a complete waste of time?
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Young man working from home in pyjama bottoms and suit jacket.
Dress to Express, has it ever been more relevant?
“The apparel oft proclaims the man.” This catchy phrase sprang to mind during a group conversation about how we dress for work, or as it stands, how we dress to work from home.
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Woman working from home with a SAD lamp during the winter
Coping with SAD during a global pandemic
Take yourself back to when you were eleven or twelve years old. It's wintertime, it's dark, it's cold and you open your curtains to see your street has a blanket of snow. SNOW DAY!
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Man sorting through a cramped and messy filing cabinet
Time to cut the umbilical cord
Several years ago, I turned up at a workshop armed with a dozen colour copies of a 27-page PowerPoint presentation. Then I discovered an iPad hidden in a drawer that meant at least I could go paper-free. Baby steps, but still progress.
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Co-workers collaborating on a project
The Collaboration v Concentration Conundrum
Following the initial flurry of overcommunication at the beginning of the great working from home experiment, where days would disappear on Teams calls, I quickly learned to manage this.
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Employee using a magnifying glass to read data charts
You Want Evidence?
Decisions should follow examination of evidence. Evidence should come from analysing data. Data should come from measuring observables.
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