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Renewed energy for the workplace
The north-east is on the cusp of another exciting chapter with the welcome addition of renewables to the energy mix.
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Can Glasgow city centre achieve a 20-minute neighbourhood?
A 20-minute neighbourhood refers to an area where residents can meet all of their daily needs within 20 minutes. Can it be achieved in Glasgow?
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Turn the lights off on your way out
How do potential three-fold or more increases in the cost of heating and lighting in the workplace impact the role and expectations of the FM department?
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Workplace Consultancy: This Isn’t Going To Hurt!
Like the dentist, don't avoid workplace consultancy or leave it too late.
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Achieving Net Zero targets through FM
With rising energy costs and fast-approaching Net Zero targets, how will FMs rise to meet these challenges head on?
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Workplace Trends October 2022 Roundup
This year's Workplace Trends conference was all about the 'Evolving Ways of Working'. Read Chris Carr's roundup of the event.
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The value of workplace wellbeing: Can we afford not to take it seriously?
Think of wellbeing in the workplace and you might immediately conjure up images of moss walls, free fruit and natural finishes.
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Dundee city and tay bridge
How do you achieve the UK's greenest city?
The UK Government has set an ambitious target for the nation to reach carbon net zero by 2050. To achieve this goal, businesses are looking at how to transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
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25-years of FM, a personal perspective
How has the FM industry changed in the last quarter century, and what challenges will it face in the next 25 years?
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