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Workplace Consultancy: This Isn’t Going to Hurt!

The number one focus in most workplaces today is sustainability. And good coffee. We’ll not dwell on the latte, but rather talk about value, cost, and programme from a perspective of workplace consultancy.

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  • Date 23 November 2022
  • Author Chris Carr

What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy captures data and stories to help assess the efficiency and effectiveness of a space with the goal of creating a sustainable environment that supports your people and your business.

It can take many guises but, to break it down, it’s about talking and listening, questioning and analysing, proposing and refining; all in the quest of determining an outcome that is right for your organisation both today and into the future. That outcome might be a strategy; it might be a square metre requirement; it might be a zoning plan that informs the final design.

Often, office and facilities managers have an idea of what the answer to their workspace problems are – but is it the right answer? Have you asked the right questions – you know, the tough questions about what your workplace needs – or have you simply listened to the chattering of wants and dreams from the myriad staff around the office? Often the solution is a mix of these needs and wants – think of needs as the skeleton and wants as the flesh; or mannequin and clothes, to complicate the analogy even further. It’s up to our workplace consultants to help you work out the right balance for your unique organisation.

And workplace consultancy is an independent analysis – our team will walk away at the end of the project. Our only stake in the game is making your workspace work for you, your people, and your business. This allows us to push the boundaries without fear of internal conflicts. If workplace consultants were faced with having to live with our solution among our colleagues, perhaps we would be forced to be more cautious!

Workplace consultants ask the right questions

What happens when you don’t ask the right questions? Easy: you don’t get the right answers. If we’re talking about a fit-out or a new build, the wrong questions lead to the wrong design which then has to be rectified – either during the build or at a later stage. How much does it cost to move a door in an office? How long will it de-rail the programme? Minimise waste, both in terms of finance and resource, by doing the appropriate amount of work at the front. Bring in the experts to ask the right questions. One of the workplace consultancy benefits is that we’ll probe what it is you do and drill down into what it is you really need.

Can workplace consultancy save you money?

Like the dentist, don’t avoid it or leave it too late. Workplace consultancy will save you money in the long run. Click below to have a chat with an expert today and find out how we can make your space serve your bottom line.

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