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neurodiversity at work
Lived Experience or Livid Experience?
1 in 7 people in the UK is estimated to be neuro-diverse (ND). How do you design for neurodiversity in the workplace?
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Retro-fit for the future
For our 25th year we’re continuing our roundtable events and conversation on the ever-changing landscape of the workplace.
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How may we help you?
“Yes we can” has been the resounding response to the question “Can we do things differently?” during the past two years. Organisations have taken the change in office working to heart.
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Woman demonstrating hybrid working
Them v Us or Them & Us or just Us?
Some rather startling numbers were discussed during EY's “Work Reimagined” webinar which highlighted the disconnect between employers and employees.
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Craic'n Community
It’s a pity last week’s BCO Next Gen event (hosted at Tsunami Axis’ Glasgow home, sponsored by SPACE) was cancelled at the last minute due to Covid.
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What's next for the workplace?
This year, we’re hosting a series of roundtable events to continue our discussion on the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. Read the insights from our first roundtable.
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Refurbishing for Retro First
Climate change is happening a lot faster than we realise, and the built environment has played a large role in that. The key to sustainability is investing in existing buildings.
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High rise building windows
What Happened There? Workplace Trends October 2021 Roundup
Workplace Trends October 2021 conference had plenty of thought-provoking content. Read the roundup from our team: Chris, Natalie, and Lucy.
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Office walls made of glass inside a modern workplace
To build or not to build
Does a workplace need walls? The workplace love affair with walls has been on and off for years, with flexibility ebbing and flowing as management models change and cellular moves to open plan and back again.
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