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Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians who partner with communities, corporations and governments to transform lives around the world. Originally Mercy Corps office was situated in a traditional building at 40 Sciennes, Edinburgh. The building layout separated the team between floors and in different rooms, which prevented collaboration and agile working. The client was keen that in their new office they will be able to work as ‘’one team’’. This meant having enough meeting spaces and skype booths to accommodate their work style, as we excellent breakout spaces which can also be used as additional informal meeting areas and teamwork zones. Mercy Corps were looking for their new Edinburgh office to be a space where people are inspired, comfortable and proud of.

Our approach to the design was all about the people, the staff and the collaborative culture which we wanted to evoke within the new design. We felt that by creating an environment that feels like a workplace community, Mercy Corps’ were able to inhabit a space that expressed their culture and values. Inspired by the architecture of the building we aimed to create an inspiring, innovative and collaborative design which considers the way in which Mercy Corps work. Clean lines, natural materials, light, airy and botanical elements whilst incorporating a sense of HYGGE.

To fit in with the charities ethos we were especially focused in our design to be sustainable and considerable of the environment. By using materials which were natural, raw, renewable and recycled such as marmoleum, birch plywood we managed to create cost effective but striking features that were natural in look and complemented the industrial look and feel of the space

Feature elements included birch plywood cladding to the reception desk and Tea Prep island. Birch plywood timber shelves to create a feature display unit in the reception in combination with galvanized key klamps and a raw timber suspended feature raft to the Tea Prep.

Given the very unusual layout of the space we had some uncertainties about cellular space at the existing mezzanine level. However, with the excellent teamwork and shared expertise and knowledge across the company we have managed to foresee the obstacles and propose suitable alternatives and solutions which allowed to meet all the clients expectations for the space and design.