This exciting two-stage project with dynamic flexible-office-space provider, Orega in Aberdeen began in early 2022, as part of their move from the Silver Fin to the Capitol building in the city centre.

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  • Project Size: 1292 sq. m
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Year: 2023
  • Type/Services Design & Build
  • Sector/Industry: Commercial, Services Offices

Orega provides services to a diverse range of businesses and customers, which meant that as part of the brief, we had to avoid the overt use of logos to create a smart, adaptable and beautiful office space that would help Orega attract the largest range of users.


Using a design & build project approach, we were able to deliver the first stage (1st floor) in just an 8-week period, supporting Orega’s short move date.

It was important that the new space had a high-end look that was sympathetic to the building’s beautiful 1930s art deco architecture (it was originally a cinema), with a range of public spaces for users to build connections. We used concentric lines and subtle, art deco lighting to accentuate the existing style of the space. We also used colour palettes and motifs from the downstairs area and reused them in the office spaces to ensure cohesion in the absence of strong branding. Finally, we incorporated thoughtful details, such as infinite reflective mirrors in the kitchen area to create a bright, open and well-lit space.


We integrated a substantial portion of Orega’s existing furniture from their previous location into the new office design. This approach not only reduced waste but also contributed to the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the new workplace.

User-centred design

In 2023, the second stage of the project was completed, expanding their flexible workspaces on the 4th floor of the building and incorporating the same design-led approach to the space with the end user at the heart.

  • Collaborating closely with the client’s strong design vision to create beautiful workspaces.
  • Overcoming challenges associated with the quick turnaround time of the first phase
  • Coming up with solutions to ensure continuity in the spaces without using overt branding