We partnered with Boralex to help turn their new office into a flexible and collaborative workspace. With various workstations and meeting rooms, our design not only champions sustainability but encourages teamwork and collaboration among its users.

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  • Project Size 230sqm
  • Year 2023
  • Location Edinburgh
  • Sector Commercial
  • Type/Services Interior Design, Space Planning, Design & Build

Renewable energy company Boralex have been producing accessible, affordable energy for more than 30 years, and in 2023 were looking to establish their first office in Scotland. As a socially responsible corporation, sustainability was at the core of this project, with a reuse first approach to create a social, flexible, and collaborative workspace for their employees. 

Our Approach

This project is a perfect example of how you can create impact and change without the need to take it all out. By making conscious decisions about what we changed through design, we were able to update the space in line with Boralex’s branding while remaining true to our commitment for sustainability in the project. Keeping most elements of the original space, the woodwork was painted dark grey and the walls a neutral tone, giving the space a smart and sophisticated look. We kept the existing rooms with no new built partitions and by simply changing the kitchen splash back it revitalised the area 


Driven by sustainable choices, we were mindful of our process when sourcing furnishings, from carpet tiles to furniture. Working in partnership with our Recycle Scotland division, 70% of the furniture products were recycled, including desking, meeting room furniture, acoustic hanging panels and lounge seating. We’ve created an inviting, fun and warm environment, with a variety of workspaces to support the team and welcome visitors.  

  • The chance to collaborate with a sustainable energy company.  
  • The creation of a social and dynamic workspace fostering collaboration between employees.  
  • Allowing variety and change for by incorporating sustainable means and re-using as many elements as possible.