Bella & Duke

Bella & Duke, a unique, health-driven company specialising in raw and natural food products for dogs and cats, needed their new headquarters in Arrol House, Rosyth to be as unique and health driven as they are.

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  • Year 2022
  • Size 10,000 sq. ft
  • Location Rosyth
  • Sector Commercial
  • Services Space Planning, Interior Design, Fit-out & Refurbishment

After experiencing rapid growth, Bella & Duke were looking to expand their office space to accommodate more staff and to integrate health and wellbeing into the very heart of their new workplace. To achieve the UK’s most pet-friendly office, they needed a space that was functional, fun, and interactive for staff, visitors, and pets. 

Our Approach

Focusing on health, wellbeing, and comfort for staff and pets, we worked closely with the Bella & Duke team to bring their aspirations to life. The office has a general tea prep area and full cooking suite to allow for food demonstrations and for staff to prepare their own meals. Bordered by an open plan breakout space with plenty of natural light, this makes for a comfortable setting for collaboration and agile working.

By incorporating biophilic design elements, we brought the outdoors in, using a nature-inspired colour palette to create a relaxed atmosphere that mimics the park life theme. The space allows for agility equipment, dog kennels, and tiered seating for larger team meetings. Creating an environment that staff love working in was the driving force behind this project and the result was a playful, easy-going, and fun office that creates a positive and productive employee experience

  • A human and pet friendly environment with a strong focus on health and wellbeing 
  • Flexible workspace with a variety of work settings 
  • Fun collaboration spaces with areas for exercise and places where staff can unwind 
  • New furniture throughout with sustainable considerations 
  • Bright and airy! Lots of natural daylight and biophilic design to bring the outside in 
  • Collaborative and inspiring, bringing teams together in unique settings 
  • Mindful and tactile, providing variety and choice to its users in efficient and sustainable ways