Morgan Stanley

We were part of the award-winning team that delivered this 15,000 sqm office. The project was awarded the BCO Corporate Workplace Scotland award in 2020

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  • Client: Morgan Stanley
  • Year: 2018
  • Size: 15,000 sq. m
  • Location: Glasgow
  • Sector: Commercial, Finance/ Legal
  • Scope: Architecture, Interior Design

Morgan Stanley seized the opportunity to transform their workplace when they moved out of the two buildings, they had occupied for over ten years and into a new building.

They were determined to improve the quality of their working environments, the quality of the support spaces, and offer staff a much better and more appropriate choice of workstyle. 

Having been awarded the design and fit-out of Morgan Stanley’s new 15,000 sqm Glasgow office following a competitive tender process, we worked in partnership with the developer and architect team during the building construction phase as well as working very closely with Morgan Stanley’s own in-house design team during the fit-out. 

Morgan Stanley set out their high-level objectives, found a building that could support those objectives, and then engaged with their staff on how best to deliver the objectives. 

While change within the business was inevitable over the duration of the project, Morgan Stanley wanted to get the fundamentals right for the design of the space.

Morgan Stanley commissioned a detailed Post Occupation Evaluation around 6 months after moving in, based on the industry standard Leesman Index.  This complemented a similar exercise carried out in their previous spaces. 

The POE revealed that the new spaces have led to a surge in measured staff satisfaction; with the working environment, the range and type of workspaces, and the supporting facilities. 

The POE recorded a Leesman Index of 81.4, putting it amongst the highest rated workspaces globally. Morgan Stanley are justifiably proud of what they have achieved, and the project is serving as a benchmark for future developments within their global estate. 


Won BCO Best Corporate Workplace Scotland 2020

It’s a very efficient space, it’s a great working environment and we will just see how all the functions work together. But I know, when each of our global functional heads come and see this working space, it certainly markets itself well for them to want to put more activities here.

Clare Woodman, Head of EMEA for Morgan Stanley