Instant Group, Cornerstone

Instant Offices required a fast-track Design & Build solution to deliver a striking, transformational workspace for Cornerstone.

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  • Client: Instant Group
  • Year: 2018
  • Size: 2188 sq. m
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Scope: Interior Architecture, Space Planning, Interior Design, Fit-out & Refurbishment

Instant Offices chose to use our Design & Build services to deliver a time-effective solution that could provide them with a striking, transformational workspace in just 16 weeks.

This required us to take a dynamic approach to our design and build services usual process with intensive collaboration with the client.

The space would host a digital development team so the look and feel had to be modern and inspiring as well as professional.

Our Approach

The goal was to move away from a traditional office work setting to an activity-based workplace, providing a range of engaging and flexible work settings which would attract new staff and drive productivity.

We approached the space with a monochrome, muted palette to create a sophisticated, professional look and to create an environment where the people bring the colour.

Using our design and build services capabilities a deconstructed, de-furbished look was created by removing the suspended ceilings in the central areas of each floor and replacing the ceiling tiles throughout the workspaces.

Different work settings were subtly defined by changing the floor coverings or furniture and adding splashes of colour to give the space an intuitive feel.

Enclosed rooms were kept to a minimum. Instead flexible, multi-use collaboration areas were created and write-on walls and information radiators were spread throughout the office.

The central area to each floor is the breakout space, with a café on the lower floor and an information wall on the upper.

The space was designed to feel dramatically different by removing the suspended ceiling in these areas to create additional light and a feeling of space where staff could decompress and find a different sense of creativity.

The space has been a massive success for the occupier and the design and build service project was shortlisted for a BCO Scotland Design Award 2019.