Insights were looking to transform their offices into modern, hybrid workplaces with activity-based work settings and vibrant interiors.

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  • Client: Insights
  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 2,347 sq. m
  • Location: Terra Nova and Innovation House, Dundee
  • Type: Commercial
  • Scope: Workplace Consultancy, Interior Design, Architecture, FF&E, Fit-out, Space Planning

Insights is a global leader in learning and development, helping companies raise the level of self-awareness in their teams so they can get the very best from their people. They were looking to transform their offices in Dundee with our turnkey services into modern, hybrid workplaces with activity-based work settings and vibrant interiors.

Our Approach

An initial Workplace Consultancy exercise determined they would keep the spaces in two of their three buildings, using Terra Nova as a main base for staff and Innovation House as a space for project led activities and larger training sessions. We provided full turnkey services to take the project from inception to completion, utilising a full suite of our services to give a seamless and successful delivery of the project.

In Terra Nova, the entire space underwent a change in look, feel and layout, with technical updates to bring an underperforming building up-to-date. Insights has a strong brand already, with bright, sharp colours at the core of who they are. Our goal wasn’t to remove colour, but rather to take an incredibly strong and bold brand and ground it to its surroundings, using an earthier palette and incorporating tone and texture to balance the bright. Desks were re-engineered to take pale worktops and replace them with a natural timber effect surface to create a more textural look. In addition to the design focused transformation, Terra Nova received a full revamp of its mechanical and electrical services, including ventilation and sustainable LED lighting to add longevity to the building.

The Insights Dundee team were closely involved in the interior design, engaging in workshop sessions for a collaborative approach to Terra Nova’s transformation. This wasn’t our first turnkey service project working with Insights, and our strong relationship and collaborative approach helped create a campus that truly embodies the future vision of the company.