Headlam Flooring Distribution

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  • Client: Headlam Flooring Distribution (HFD)
  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 481 sqm
  • Type: Commercial
  • Scope: Architecture, Interior Design
Table and Stools

SPACE worked with Headlam Flooring Distribution to turn their existing building in Uddingston into a contemporary and inviting office that would serve as their main business hub in Scotland.  By taking over the trading area and creating a welcome space for guests, we managed to increase spaces for staff introducing a larger breakout room, a locker room, and a new shower room. Headlam were keen to provide an excellent working environment and key to that was ensuring a new heating and cooling system, new insulated partitions, and a new ceiling throughout. 

Our Approach

We used a range of neutrals in the interior, from blushes to tans to greys and then introduced teals into the scheme to give depth to the overall palette. The main focus of the space was the geometric flooring used throughout to create interest and promote the work of Headlam Flooring. The geometry continued in the angular design on the glazing manifestation for all new offices, each personalized with the user’s title to strike a balance between contemporary and classic design.  

Carefully chosen furniture tied in with the new contemporary style of the interior. Black angled frames for private office tables, boardroom, and breakout room complemented the new black glazing frames and doors. White desks in the open plan area kept it light and bright while soft seating materials complemented the overall space with softer tones in the offices and bolder colours in the breakout space. A fairly neutral office with geometric details gives a timeless feel while remaining bold and contemporary.

  • Increased space for staff including a new breakout room, boardroom, kitchen, and locker room 
  • Refreshing an outdated building with a new ceiling grid, heating and cooling system, and interior walls 
  • Incorporating geometric patterns into the flooring and offices for a balance between contemporary and classic design