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Avant Homes is one of the UK’s leading privately-owned housebuilders.  They have occupied Argyll Court for the last 19 years (previously as Bett Homes) and were in need of an interiors update to reflect their place in the housing market and to bring their workspace in line with their other Avant offices throughout the country.

Their main drivers were to provide a communal staff break-out area to encourage collaboration between the departments, providing a more welcoming and integrated reception area and meeting spaces. As furniture had been purchased on an adhoc basis, this refurbishment was an ideal opportunity to consolidate the design and style of the interior through a cohesive use of furniture and finishes. 

The main design focus was to improve the quality of the workspace and welfare facilities. For the benefit of both staff and visitors, the meeting areas incorporate themes from their brand whilst showcasing some of the products and finishes from the suppliers to their house building operation. 

The plan of the building is laid out in cross form, which was not conducive to integrating the teams, therefore the aim was to open up the central area around the core as much as possible. This was achieved by removing redundant rolling storage racks and siting the staff break-out area centrally around the core; a place where everyone could come together. Being sensitive to the budget and to avoid the negative environmental impact that refurbishments can often cause, the individual Manager offices were retained and refurbished with new graphics added to the glazing. New LED lighting replaced the old, non-compliant fittings and where possible within the existing suspended ceiling and grid.

As the office had to remain fully operational throughout the refurbishment period, the works had to be carried out in phases. The cruciform layout proved to be invaluable as each ‘arm’ was refurbished, culminating in a more user friendly reception area and meeting suite.