Supporting you in a changing workplace

Supporting you in a changing workplace

We’re experts in workplace design, joining the ever-evolving dots between people, place, and technology. We balance design strategy, technical understanding, and creativity to unlock workplace potential.


What's next for the workplace?
This year, we’re hosting a series of roundtable events to continue our discussion on the ever-changing landscape of the workplace.
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Sustainable Refurbishment
Our recent Talk & Tour highlighted the transformation of this 1990s building to showcase sustainable, retro first refurbishment towards net zero.
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The Changing Workplace
Our Strategic Workplace Review helps you embrace new opportunities and prepare for future change.
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Bringing Your Designs to Life
Our range of 3D services lets you visualise your final product in varying levels of detail.
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Is Your Lease Ending?
No one size fits all. Check out our useful Lease End Guide if your lease is coming to an end.
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Office 3D modelling
Lease End

We integrate workplace consultancy, interior design, architecture, design and build, and facilities management to create inspiring workplaces. Our role is to inspire your team, clients, collaborators, and visitors to achieve what every organisation wants: the optimal working space.

Office collaboration design
The Wider Company

We are part of Space Solutions (Scotland) Ltd, working in partnership with our other divisions to deliver workplace solutions across the UK. 

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