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Unlocking competitive advantage through Strategic Facilities Review

The value that a strategic approach to Facilities Management can play in giving your businesses a competitive edge should not be overlooked.

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  • Date: 1st September 2023
  • Author: Stuart Craig
Change Management UWS

By taking the time to conduct a comprehensive facilities review and implementing strategic management principles it is possible to optimise your buildings’ operations and enhance overall organisational performance. In this blog post we’ll explore the value of the strategic facilities review and how it can sustain a competitive advantage. Then we’ll discuss how a consultant can support you in implementing a strategic facilities review plan and the key points to consider. 

Understanding the Strategic Facilities Review (SFR) 

A strategic facilities review involves a systematic evaluation of your organisation’s physical assets, infrastructure, legal governance and operational processes. It goes beyond maintenance and focuses on aligning facilities management with broader organisational objectives. By analysing various factors, such as space utilisation, operational practices, energy efficiency, technology integration, and sustainable practices, it is possible to identify opportunities for improvement.  

1. Maximising Operational Efficiency 

An SFR enables you to identify inefficiencies and poor practices in the operation of your facilities. By streamlining processes, rationalising delivery methodologies, optimising space utilisation, and leveraging technology, you can enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. 

2. Enhancing Employee Productivity and Wellbeing 

We know a well-designed and maintained workplace has a direct impact on employee productivity and wellbeing. An SFR allows you to create a conductive work environment, optimise space layouts, and implement ergonomics and workable solutions that can promote employee satisfaction and productivity.   

3. Enabling Sustainable Practices 

With growing concerns about environmental sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices in your workplace is essential. A strategic facilities review helps you identify areas where you can reduce energy consumption, implement renewable energy solutions, and promote sustainable practices such as waste reduction and recycling.  


Sustaining a Competitive Advantage through Strategic Facilities Management 

By incorporating strategic management principles into facilities management, you can create a sustainable competitive edge. Here’s how:  

1. Alignment with organisational goals  

Strategic facilities management ensures that your facility’s operations align with the broader organisational goals. By understanding your organisation’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives, you can tailor your facilities management strategies to support and contribute to the achievement of these goals.  

2. Proactive Risk Management 

An SFR enables you to identify potential risks and develop proactive mitigation strategies by addressing maintenance needs, anticipating equipment failures, and implementing robust safety measures that will minimise operational disruptions and enhance business continuity.  

3. Future-Proofing Facilities Technology 

With advancements and evolving business complexities, facilities management practices similarly need to adapt and evolve. Strategic facilities management ensures that your workplace remains agile and capable of accommodating future changes. By staying updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements, you can future proof your workplace and stay ahead of the competition.  


How an FM consultant can support your Strategic Facilities aims 

As an FM practitioner and consultant with over 25-years of experience, I would of course highlight the value of support from an experienced consultant such as myself. Implementing a full strategic facilities review can be a fairly resource-intensive process that will require help to: 

  • Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment: An experienced consultant will assess your facility’s current state, identify gaps, and recommend improvement opportunities based on industry best practices. 
  • Develop an Actionable Plan: A consultant will collaborate with you to develop customised strategic facilities review plans that align with your organisation’s goals and objectives.  
  • Provide Implementation Support: From project management to change management, a consultant can provide guidance throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful outcomes. 

The SFR process can of course be considered on a standalone basis by any organisation looking for improvement, so long as they are prepared to commit the resources required to it and have the necessary levels of expertise. 

Implementing a Strategic Facilities Review Plan 

If you do decide to manage this process internally, here are some key points to consider: 

  • Assemble a Cross-Functional Team: Engage stakeholders from various divisions to ensure a comprehensive perspective and foster collaboration.  
  • Define Clear Objectives: Establish measurable goals and outcomes for the review process to track progress and evaluate success.  
  • Leverage Technology and Data: Utilise facilities management software and data analytics to gather insights, track performance and make informed decisions.  
  • Communicate and Engage: Effective communication is vital throughout the process. Engage your employees, gather their input, and communicate the benefits and goals of the strategic facilities review.  

By optimising operational efficiency, enhancing employee productivity, and embracing sustainable practices, you can better position your organisation for success. Whether you choose to work with a consultant or implement the process internally, the key lies in aligning facilities management with organisational goals and proactively managing the risks. Remember, the value of your SFR goes beyond immediate improvements – it helps to future–proof your workplace and ensure its long-term success.  

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