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Space Planning

Space planning is part science, part art. As businesses grow, contract, and evolve so do their real estate needs. Smart space planning makes it easier to adapt.

You have to get the plan right to get the space right.

Every workspace is unique to the business that uses it. Your workspace should flow intuitively, support future flexibility, and convey the aspirations of your business.  A well-planned and well-designed space can say a lot about your organisation. Your space plan needs to make efficient use of what space you have, while still giving people room to focus, socialise, and collaborate.

An effective Space Plan:

  • Uses a space budget to determine the amount of required space
  • Is aware of common workplace standards and specific accessibility requirements
  • Is zoned properly to create spaces for focus and congregation

Our space planning team know how to make your space flow effortlessly to create an intuitive workplace experience. We’ll help you define your spaces, technologies, and facilities to find the most efficient ways to use your available space.

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