This facility was developed for Survivex, which provides specialist training in high-risk situations, principally offshore

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  • Client: Survivex
  • Year: 2014
  • Size: 90,640 sq. ft
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Scope: Architecture, Space Planning

This facility was developed for Survivex, which provides specialist training in high-risk situations, principally offshore. 

The specialist nature of these operations generated a complex brief; this was resolved through SPACE’s project team working with operational staff from the inception of the project.  


Our Approach

The building serves not only as a centre of excellence for survival training, but also as the main office and headquarters for Survivex.  Accordingly, the reception area is designed as a generous public space linked to a cafe, a conference room and an auditorium.  

The two principal training spaces are large “halls” located at the back of the building.  One contains two deep pools used for offshore survival training, particularly helicopter ditching and liferaft training, while the other contains tall purpose designed frames used in rope access training. 

The first floor contains classrooms, while the second floor is a combination of cellular and open plan office space.