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Are you using NEC contracts properly? Are you finding it time-intensive? This complex suite of contracts provide essential protection for you and your organisation – and it’s crucial that they are done right.

At SPACE FM, we have trained and accredited NEC experts who are dedicated to ensuring successful contract management for organisations like yours. Get in touch to arrange an informal chat with one of our NEC experts who will explain all things NEC, figure out your challenges, and give top tips for ensuring all your contracts are watertight and ship shape.


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NEC & contract management specialists
We give you your time back

Our accredited NEC experts, Miguel and Stuart work in partnership with you and your organisation to take the stress out of contract management. Contracts require a lot of time, energy, and knowledge to manage – it’s a full-time job. SPACE FM can give you that time back, allowing you to focus on the work that matters.

Our FM Consultancy Service offers specialist, bespoke guidance to the procurement and adoption processes of NEC contracts. We can advise on the types of NEC contracts available and how these would best suit your FM service requirements.

What is NEC?

NEC is a suite of contracts with many advantages thanks to their focus on partnership and collaboration. However, these contracts are complex and require constant management.

It’s easy to make mistakes. Our NEC experts have extensive experience in managing these intricate contracts and can help you maximise the efficiency of your workplace.

What do NEC contracts cover?

The suite of NEC contracts was developed to support the management of different kinds of projects. Within these, the FM contracts have been developed to support a range of FM requirements including Total FM, Integrated FM Services, managing contractors, and single and/or multiple supplier FM contracts. The NEC suite of contracts covers:

  • Engineering & Construction Contract (ECC)
  • Facilities Management Contract (FMC)
  • Term Service Contract (TSC)
  • Professional Services Contract (PSC)
  • Supply Contract (SC)
  • And several more, including supply of goods, FM, and subcontracts

What our clients have to say

Having that single point of contact bringing the expertise, understanding and detail of NEC contracts and how they operate has been a huge benefit.

John Walker, Head of Estates and Engineering, Queen Margaret University

Click here to read the full interview with happy client John Walker at Queen Margaret University.

We’re here to help

Fill out our contact form below to arrange an informal chat with one of our experienced and capable NEC practitioners about your organisation’s contractual needs. Stuart or Miguel will spend half an hour with your discussing your organisation’s needs and challenges, and explain any aspects of NEC that you want to know more about. They’ll also share their best tips to successful contract management – all free, no obligation.

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