Teekay Petrojarl

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  • Client: Teekay Petrojarl
  • Year: 2013
  • Size: 2055 sq. m
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Sector: Commercial, Industrial
  • Scope: Architecture

The clear and robust industrial architecture design brief from the client provided detailed accommodation requirements and working processes. The practical requirements were underlined by the  ‘Teekay Spirit’ core values which when applied to the interior created dynamic and vibrant office spaces.

The vessel support teams had specific workspace requirements which demanded privacy and independence on a team-by-team basis. However the teams and infrastructure were planned in a manner which demonstrated and encouraged a collaborative support structure. From entry to the building the ‘Teekay Spirit’, is prominent in word and vision.


Our Approach

The double height entrance area boasts a contemporary reception and waiting area. The central core exhibits artwork chosen by the staff. The upper floors accommodate brightly furnished break out areas. These are centred to two wings which accommodate the vessel teams, support staff and emergency response centre.

The key to the success of the project has been the simplicity of the layout and relationship established between different functions. The prescriptive work patterns of the client assisted in determining early on in the design the key requirements; for example the media rooms for their daily video calls to the ships and offshore rigs.

The design solution gave each team a bright and spacious open plan area located to the outer perimeters of the wings, allowing them the benefit of natural daylight and offering a comfortable environment to work in.

These areas were offered privacy from nearby teams by a separating bank of centrally located state of the art media facilities. These were all built to ensure sound separation between rooms and the open plan areas specified to achieve a very high level of separation.

Glazed walls were used to allow a degree of openness and have large scale wireframe graphics of the vessel designed across them giving a contemporary design feel.  Adorned on the outside walls of the media rooms are engineering graphics of each of the vessels.

Large scale graphics dominate wall space complimented by a carefully selected palette of colours, furnishings and finishes to create an environment tailored to meet and reflect the high standards of Teekay Petrojarl.