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A well considered Estate Strategy can be transformational and deliver immediate results. It can also lay the foundations forlong-term strategic improvements:

Improved efficiency – cost savings realised through identifying unnecessary property and freeing up capacity by better use of the Estate

Capital gains – sale of owned properties which can be freed up through efficiency activities

Compliance – ensuring that the Estate is fully compliant with all regulations, reduces the potential for risk.

Identify tax opportunities – our partners are experts in areas such as Capital Allowances, CGT, Rating and Valuations, and Enterprise Zones

Differentiate your organisation – reflect your brand, culture and values in your Estate and use property as a differentiator for clients and staff alike

We work with you, your advisors, and property partners to align your Estate Strategy with your Business Strategy to bring about improvements.  We recognise the importance of technology, the changing face of the workforce, and the changing ways in which people are working and using their workplaces.

Our analysis of your Estate is detailed and holistic, assessing your current and future needs and the options available to change where required.  This analysis is bespoke to your business needs and covers: Workplace Strategy, Condition Surveys, Lease Analysis, Valuations, Review of Planning and Development options, Compliance Audits and Energy Audits.

Our Estate Strategy service has been developed in partnership with other property professionals and consultancies.  This collaborative approach, working with the experts in related fields, ensures you get the best advice possible to create an optimal strategy for your property.


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