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Change Management can be the difference between people embracing property transformation or resisting it. We professionally plan and manage large or complex relocations. From experience we know it’s vital to plan the move in advance and ensure our clients and all staff are briefed and fully engaged and equipped to maximise the benefits of the new environment. 

Co-ordinating a move as part of a wider workplace project is critical if costly downtime is to be avoided. Our dedicated experts manage all elements of the move, allowing your team to focus on delivering your new environment. This includes the procurement and management of the relocations contractor to ensure all quality compliance requirements are met.

This specialist expertise reduces the risk of the relocation element of a successful project undermining the experience..  Our structured Space Toolkit methodology, based on years of experience, is designed to develop a bespoke solution for each project, while integrating with the wider project team to ensure communication and co-ordinated planning.

Our experts are at the forefront of the Move and Change Management industry. With experience spanning many different sectors, we can provide the advice and reassurance you need to approach your relocation (move) with confidence. Whether you are looking to upsize or downsize, relocate or refurbish in occupation, facilitate a one-off project or embed an internal BAU moves + changes contract, we can help establish the solution which is right for you.

Our Move & Change Management clients include City of Glasgow College, Wood, Warner Brothers, Deloitte and Scottish Courts & Tribunal Service

Move Management

Professional Move Management is much more than just the physical relocation. We manage all aspects of your move, ensuring workstreams are aligned and scope is accurately defined.  Our experts ensure that no aspect of your move is overlooked, designing and executing a programme tailored exactly to your requirements.

Change Management

Often overlooked, Change Management is essential to prepare people for their new space, critical to a successful project. Our structured approach to staff engagement and communication is central to our success. It is essential that staff feel fully engaged with the new environment and understand how they will benefit from the move and what it will involve.

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