Move & Change Management

Move Management

Every move, no matter the size, scale and location, has its complexities. Move Management provides everything you need for a seamless transition.

Our team of move management consultants take full control of your move programme from start to finish. With our people-focused approach and strong logistical planning, we build a fully comprehensive Transition Plan leaving no stone unturned.

We integrate into your project team, getting to know your people and delving into the detail to ensure every aspect of your relocation is covered. With a comprehensive move management service delivered by our experienced consultants, we take away the anxiety of the move, allowing your teams to focus on their day jobs.

Benefits of Move Management:

Targeted Solution Icon
Targeted Solutions
Our Move Management consultants help you develop a bespoke solution based on your organisation's actual needs, not perceived requirements.
Process Efficiency Icon
Process Efficiency
Our skilled team of management managers ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget. Making moving a positive experience for everyone.
Seamless Transition Icon
Seamless Transition
Expert Move Management results in better communication, minimal disruption to everyday operations and helps maintain business productivity.
Workplace Focus Icon
Workplace Focus
Well executed move management services relieve the pressure from real estate and facilities management teams so they can focus on the new workplace.

Our Move Management Service includes:

  • A fully tailored toolkit to manage as much, or as little, support as you require
  • Comprehensive checklisting to establish requirements, actions, and responsibilities
  • Robust communications focus for maximum people engagement
  • Records management, storage and FF&E management¬†
  • Full relocation programme, project management and reporting
  • Contractor procurement and management for removals and specialist services

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