Interior Design

CGI Visualisation & 3D Modelling Services

We bring your design to life through our range of 3D services, letting you visualise the final product in varying levels of detail.

Using SketchUp or Revit, our design team can model your project from a single room to a whole building or development. Then using Enscape, a rendering software that works in conjunction with both, we will walk you through a virtual landscape of your new or updated space. This allows full interactive collaboration to review design options in real-time. In addition, with the inclusion of realistic lighting and materials, we can create a life-like representation of the proposed scheme.

What our 3D modelling services can do:

  • Create 360-degree panoramas which can be viewed on tablets, smartphones, handheld VR smartphone converters or from the comfort of your desk. 
  • Navigate through a rendered model in real-time.  
  • Export rendered stills (CGIs) for use in presentations. 
  • Use Virtual Reality goggles to further immerse the viewer into the model.
  • Stitch together animation sequences to create video presentations.