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Unlocking Efficiency in a Business

Digital revolution, ongoing economic challenges and the growing proportion of millennial generation workers have all contributed to a number of changes in work styles, the subsequent design of workplaces and a need by businesses to operate as efficiently as possible.

Can all these elements align to provide one holistic business Space Solution?

The technology revolution with tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi and cloud computing has seen working environments transition from the traditional office to coffee shops, train carriages, homes and client offices. This flexibility to work anywhere has seen the growth of the home worker who, according to the Office for National Statistics (March 2014) account for 4.2m of the 30.2m workers in the UK.

Many of these options are being considered by businesses as they look to create efficiencies and reduce costs  across their business and where relevant their commercial estates.

Highlighting these opportunities, space utilisation appraisals conducted by Space Solutions have shown that on average traditional desk space is utilised by workers only 45% of the working day and overall space requirement can be reduced by an average of 28%.

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