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How to Attract and Retain Staff

The need to attract and retain talent in the Technology sector is well documented. With a shortage of candidates and employees facing a wealth of potential opportunities it is increasingly challenging for technology businesses at all stages of growth to recruit and retain staff.

Understanding that financial packages are not the only priorities to your potential workforce is critical to attracting and retaining staff and ensuring the ongoing growth of your business.

In the US the millennial generation (those born after 1982) now make up over 50% of the workforce meaning that this group of employees is aged between 18 and 34 . This is a reality that is being faced across the developed world and this generation of workforce comes with a different set of drivers and priorities from previous workforces. A Harvard study showed 57% are looking for a work-life balance and 45% describe flexible working hours as key. 

Combine this with the variation in the technological proficiency between different age groups and issues affecting everything from the way companies communicate with employees to the tools they invest in to help staff to do their jobs.

For example, millennials demand real-time tools and flexibility in how they work – with 81% of them in a survey also believing that they should be able to set their own hours at work.

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