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Perspectives on Working from Home Insights

SPACE Consultancy & Design have carried out a preliminary survey to discover the levels of readiness, adaptability and whether organisations felt they would do things differently in the future.

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  • Date: 08 May 2020

The focus of the survey was on the organisation more than the individual. Whilst individuals have generally been able to respond to changing circumstances, the pandemic has forced change at an organisational level at very short notice.

Phil Muir, Director of Consultancy & Design said “Every organisation will react differently to the challenges we are facing, but what is clear from the responses, is that following the easing of lock-down and the gradual return to the workplace, all organisations will begin adapting to their own version of normality and most will be influenced by the current working from home experience.”

Phil continues “Previous utilisation studies carried out by SPACE, show offices at an average of 45% utilisation, with the current situation showing that technology allows us to largely work effectively from home. The survey poses the question, is this the evidence we need to design the future workplace less around individual tasks and more around collaboration and organisational identity?”

The team will be running a follow-up survey with all respondents at the ‘pre-vaccine’ return to the workplace phase, to see how organisational attitudes have changed.

Download a copy of the report below.

Perspectives on Working from Home April 2020