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Posted on Thu, 2016-11-24 15:41 by Company News

When Niamh, a school student, asked if she could gain a week’s work experience in the Glasgow offices of Space Solutions it was difficult to tell who was feeling the most pressure. Was it Niamh wondering if she could adjust to a work schedule or our Glasgow team wondering whether they would we be able to give her enough of a flavour of all the aspects involved in delivering inspiring workplace design?

We found Niamh an absolute pleasure to have with us and we wish her every success for her future. What follows are her words to describing a week at Space Solutions.

I'm Niamh Davidson. I am 15 years old and I came to Space Solutions for a 5 day work experience course as part of my fourth year curriculum in St. Ninian’s High School. I came to Space Solutions as I was attracted to the creative purpose of the company.

Initially I presumed that working life would be a drag. The work place and atmosphere would be dull, the staff would view me as a burden or inconvenience, I would make so many mistakes and not be able to concentrate. I was worried that it would be too big of an adjustment from school, having to do the same thing for 8 hours at a time with no set intervals and lunches and that I would be counting down the minutes until I got to walk out the door.  However my expectations couldn't be further from reality.

The office was bright, colourful, lively and filled with enthusiasm. The team could not have been nicer. They were funny, energetic, cheerful and overall made me feel so welcome which made me enjoy the experience even more. Before I knew it, Monday became Friday and I just never wanted to leave. 

If anything I preferred working life from school, with the freedom and the new environment to be working in. I used different software tools throughout the week for different purposes which I picked up far easier than expected, and got to meet all different types of people in meetings and within the office as the week went on.

The week was one I genuinely won't forget. I learned so many new things about the outside working world and how different types of people with different talents can work together so well to achieve a common goal. From sales and marketing to design and construction, there were so many different aspects to what at first seemed simple. 

From my 5 day experience at Space Solutions, it has helped me to focus the choices I have in life and what I really want to be. It was an experience that I will never forget and I want to thank all that made it possible.