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Attracting and Retaining Staff

Posted on Sun, 2015-11-01 15:22 by Industry News

Brought on by changing technology, modern office design faces a number of challenges. Gone are the days of rows of desks in favour of a structured space plan.

By profiling staff work styles, it is possible to identify the different spaces required to support different ways of working. Organisations have evolved into a more collaborative way of working, with less work done at the desk and a range of spaces required to support new regional collaboration and encourage innovation.

The advent of mobile technologies has revolutionised ways of working by allowing staff to effectively work from anywhere. Today’s office must incorporate multifunctional zones appropriate for those with their own devices and a multi-media conferencing space for collaboration amongst teams.

Of course, every workspace is different, but by understanding how the business uses its space via workplace audits, businesses can tackle these challenge areas and create a workplace that meets the grade in terms of space requirement and also effectively supports the needs of staff, the very core of the business.

Victoria Walker of Space Solutions notes “when it comes to attracting and retaining great staff, make sure your office space doesn’t let you down”

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