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Lease End

Is your lease coming to an end?

You have a lot of decisions to make if your lease is coming to an end. It’s not just about staying put or moving to a new location. It’s about changing what you’ve got, where you are and if you should move to a new location or environment.

The last 12 months have shone a light on our workspaces and the way we work. Businesses looking for long-term success are using this time to understand the type of spaces they need and how they can take a blended, agile approach to creating workspaces that are right for their businesses and people.


Do you stay or do you go? 

If your lease is coming to an end, check out our useful Lease End Guide for help determining next steps with your lease agreement. 

Read our Lease End Guide

No one size fits all. Our team of experts can help you to get this right.

We hope that our simple guide will help answer some of these questions and help you understand what you need to do next, whether you have 24-months or 6-months left on your current lease agreement.

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