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Design & Fit-out

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation is based in Edinburgh, attached to the Sick Kids Hospital. The concept of the foundation is to transform the experiences of the children and young people who attend the hospital by creating a relaxing and fun environment. The Sick Kids Foundation had a desire to undertake a cosmetic refurbishment of the waiting areas within the Accident & Emergency Department of the Sick Kids Hospital.  The purpose of the investment was to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and pleasant user experience for both adults and children during their time at the facility. The design had to be fun yet sympatric to its environment. The design concept drew inspiration from the ‘Land’, represented in the front waiting area, to the ‘Rainbow’ transition area of the corridor, to the ‘sea’ represented in the rear waiting area. 

The front waiting area saw the introduction of a natural colour palette. Flowing shapes to incorporate play and seating areas closely followed the design concept whilst giving identity to the space. The transition space (corridor) followed a brighter ‘rainbow’ colour pattern before meeting the rear waiting area which reverted to natural colours and materials and incorporated an abstract digital wall covering to incorporate an existing fish tank.
The accident and emergency department had to stay functioning throughout the refurbishment so the furniture was designed in a way that we could manufacture of site and assembled on site in the minimum time scale.