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The Scottish Funding Council (SFC), like many public sector organisations, saw a lease expiry as a perfect time to take a step back and look at how they worked, an opportunity to investigate the extent to which new ways of working could be implemented.

haa design were appointed initially to develop a workplace strategy, and carried out a series of staff workshops to understand the most appropriate work settings to support an organisation that was looking to become more pro-active. When the opportunity arose to share meeting rooms with their neighbour, Scottish Enterprise, the SFC were able to reduce their space requirement and come together on one floor plate; one of the key workplace strategy recommendations.

Following our building appraisal and test-fit exercise, the team were asked to translate this new workplace vision into a reality, designing a more agile, more collaborative office with a range of spaces from small groups of bench desks to informal, technology-enabled meeting spaces and a multi-purpose business lounge for staff and visitors. As had been agreed by the SFC at an early stage, all staff were located in the open plan; no owned offices were provided for. As a nod to their stakeholders, bold, education-inspired feature graphics were included throughout the space, on walls and on meeting room glass elevations.