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SABIO are a leading independent contact centre technology specialist who required a complete Design & Fit-out solution for the 1st Floor of 100 Queen Street in Glasgow. This transition saw them move from a traditional office space to an award winning, refurbished building in the heart of the City Centre overlooking the vibrant Royal Exchange Sq.

Our client’s new home provides a dynamic approach to the workplace, introducing a variety of collaborative space that enables the teams to engage in a modern and fully adaptable environment, allowing them to work more effectively. The largely open plan nature of the design responded to the clients brief, along with creating specific secure zones for project teams and pockets of quiet, private space for staff. The heart of the office provides a generous break-out area with bespoke tiered seating for town hall talks and staff events, encouraging the group culture they are keen to foster.

The space was designed to create an identity for the Glasgow team that included a nod to Scotland. This was reflected in the fabrics that were chosen such as ‘Bute Fabrics’, which has a rich Scottish heritage well known for their unique colour pallets and traditional manufacturing methods. Using these fabrics within the waiting area bench seat & tiered seating helped to bring texture & depth to each space. Sabio meeting rooms were named after popular Scottish Islands such as Lewis, Harris, Skye, Bute & Arran which accompanied striking brand shapes on glazing throughout. The goal was to inject fun into the space through the use of bold colour which is considered to enhance staff well-being, ensuring staff are seated next to the natural light which surrounds the perimeter of the space. Biophilic elements have been positioned in areas where the natural light is limited in order to connect to the outside environment. Creating a number of different types of space for staff encourages interaction, leading to a more connected workforce. The new Sabio office incorporates meeting rooms, booths, call pods, standing meeting room, UX lab, project areas and tiered seating for a mix of formal and informal collaborations.