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This growing business identified a requirement for a new office and educational centre to supplement their existing premises in Aberdeen’s West End, and fundamental to this expansion was a requirement for the new facility to be located in close proximity to their existing base of operations.

Located within a conservation area, this project involved the demolition of an existing extension which was no longer fit for purpose, and the re-design of the interior of the original building which had been significantly (and unsympathetically) modified in the past. The interior was completely removed and a new steel frame installed, which allowed the flexibility to create the open spaces required by the brief while maintaining the external appearance of the original building – a fundamental requirement of the planning authority was that the development should not alter the street frontage. A three storey extension to the rear of the original building offers a contemporary element, while at the same time complimenting the surrounding buildings.  The adoption of a fully glazed top storey reduces the visual impact of the building and allows panoramic views across the rooftops of the surrounding streets, while the extension is linked to the existing building via a fully glazed ‘bridge’ section which is set back to emphasise the extension as a separate element to the original building.

The complete re-design of the interior of the original building allowed a contemporary interior design scheme to be implemented throughout, which assisted in generating a cohesive whole from two essentially distinct elements. The planning authorities initially required some convincing regarding the suitability of the site for the intended development; however Planning Permission was achieved with little difficulty as a result of a policy of engagement with the planners at inception and throughout the initial design phase. The result is a carefully designed bespoke solution which not only achieves the practical requirement of delivering the required facilities, but does so in a manner appropriate to the context of the conservation area in which the building is located.