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Having already worked successfully with Kennedy Wilson Europe on several projects across the Central Belt, SPACE were asked to re-invigorate the former Marathon House at Hill of Rubislaw in Aberdeen.

The building, a multi-tenanted office block of five storeys, was rebranded as the “Charter Building” to differentiate it from the surrounding oil company offices.  The existing reception lacked impact and usability, so SPACE were tasked with re-inventing it.

The new reception is a flexible space which functions as a meet-and-greet area to warmly welcome visitors, offers somewhere comfortable for people to wait, relax or work after they arrive and also holds the ability to accommodate informal meetings.  Particular care was taken to choose a range of furniture styles; from soft seating to high tables, which act as a “touch down” space.

The scheme incorporates elements of biophilic design, with the aim of bringing the natural environment into the interior.  The design palette uses a combination of natural timber, Reindeer moss cladding, organic textures and fresh colours.  Perceived quality was important, and a porcelain-tiled floor finish was selected to stand up to use whilst remaining attractive over a long lifespan.

The redesign extended to reshaping the entrance canopy, creating a bespoke reception desk and re-fitting the washrooms. In all, the reception area extends over 250sq.m and the project’s value was approximately £200,000.  Work was completed in early 2018, and SPACE acted as interior designer, architect, principal designer and furniture supplier.