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The Art of Perfection

Posted on Wed, 2019-05-15 14:04 by Kenny Cope

During a visit to Girona last summer, I was very lucky to be invited to and had the privilege of experiencing the spectacular El Cellar de Can Roca restaurant and its unparalled reputation.

El Celler de Can Roca opened in 1986 by the Roca brothers, Joan, Josep and Jordi. With three Michelin stars,  in 2013 and 2015 it was named the best restaurant in the world by the magazine Restaurant and ranked second in 2018.

The Roca brothers' passion for cooking was initially kindled in Can Roca, the establishment their parents run in Girona and where we are told still visit daily to catch up and share time with their family. As children their parent’s restaurant was also their home, playground and the place where they learnt about good food and quality of service.

Arriving at El Celler, I was firstly surprised by its simple, yet elegant exterior located in the heart of a residential area. When you enter the main court yard you are welcomed with the mixture of a traditional Catalan building and fine modernist Architecture. The vision of the setting only fueled the anticipation of experiencing the reputation of the Roca brothers. The building is crisp, beautiful and skillfully detailed. It simply compliments the dining experience while not being in competition with it.

What we experienced was exceptional and massively creative. The food was exquisitely presented in such an imaginative way that there was true theatre in every course. The attention to detail in the Rosenthal china tableware and cutlery which changed in design with every course was exemplary and demonstrated the perfectionism in the brothers. Only the finest quality of produce is used in their cooking. Some unusual and some very simple, but always the best.

It was phenomenal. The skill in combining flavors and textures and the pairing with wines delivered an outstanding experience. A truly successful conclusion to the drama that was so skillfully considered and presented to us.

This experience reminded me that a building or interior can look absolutely fantastic, innovative and inspirational, but unless it can deliver a quality of environment, where staff feel valued, can work efficiently and where their wellbeing is considered, can it be deemed a success?

We not only value the quality of design, but also look to measure the success of the environments we create. Like fine dining, we may taste first with our eyes, but it is not until we actually sample the food that we can truly judge its success.