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My first year at SPACE

Posted on Mon, 2020-11-30 09:28 by Chloe Wilkie

T'was 2nd December 20-19​

A new career lay ahead of me

Off I set with excitable pace

Into the unknown – launched into SPACE!


I started that day with brand new hopes

Welcomed by all and shown the ropes

Commercial Property there to explore

Offices to design, fit out and more


Clients were met and I had begun

Exciting projects had been won

But something happened and we were hit

By a virus that science could not outwit


How could we know what the year would bring

We’d be in full lockdown come the Spring

Working from home and seen in 2D

Seeing our colleagues only through a screen


“The office is dead!” A few of them shouted

But many of us had never doubted

The things we missed and didn’t work well

That space is needed for your personnel


What lies ahead is time to adjust

Best use of space has become a must

Flexible working now a reality

We look forward to a new normality


I’m sure you’ll agree, this year just passed

Seems to have gone by ridiculously fast

And a new year looming, what will be seen

Confidence and hope of a new vaccine!


Much before long, back will we be

Gossiping with colleagues with coffee and tea

And I’m sure this sector like many another

Will soon bounce back and surely recover


Christmas events and Spifox are missed

Fewer excuses to go out and get…

I very much hope that this time next year

We can all get together for some festive cheer


A new year ahead and direction to steer

20-21 presents a new frontier

Adapting to change, we’ll have to admit

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it