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Change for the better

Posted on Thu, 2017-10-19 00:00 by Jim Divine

This weekend saw the demise of the round pound coin and the dawn of a new dodecagonal era. It is estimated that coins to the value of £500m are still in piggy banks, glove compartments and down the backs of sofas all over the UK, even though from 11.59pm on Sunday night, they ceased to be legal tender.

We’ve been warned about this repeatedly for over a year, we knew that this day would come. Yet as a nation, we’ve still been caught out! I can safely assume there are still a few lurking at the bottom of my sports bag.

The truth is, as a rule, we humans are not huge fans of change (the transformative kind, that is) and sometimes without a deadline we’d rather just carry on as we were. In the workplace, this jolt normally takes the form of a lease event.

“12-18 months left on the lease in your current premises?” – “You’ve got loads of time!”

Haven’t you?

At the outset, it feels like that lease event is a long way off, other things are more of a priority; plus, a workplace project can seem like a huge undertaking, the upheaval, the investment, ugh, the change, you’ll definitely get around to it nearer the time.

But as we’ve learned, that time is likely to pass pretty quickly and when that deadline starts to loom you can find that your project is under pressure before it’s even begun, making it all the more challenging to get it right.

However, the return on your investment can be extraordinary. Creating the right working environment has been shown to increase productivity, staff wellbeing, attraction and retention among a wide range of other benefits.

So, if you had taken the time in the last 12 months to acknowledge the Royal Mint’s deadline, you’d scraped together all the ‘round pounds’ in your house and gone out for a family lunch or everyone in the office had combined theirs for post-work cocktails - you'd now be 'round pound' free and feeling smug?

Be mindful of your lease events and the passing of time, don’t get caught out. Embrace the deadline and make a change, for the better.

Oh and while you’re at it, have a dig about the sofa and you can donate any ‘round pounds’ you find to these guys here, I’m at three already!


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