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Any Bus Will Not Do!

Posted on Thu, 2017-09-28 15:19 by Martin Dempsey

Getting change right – the three pillars of a workplace project

The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, “ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est”, which means “if you don’t know which port you are sailing to, then no wind is favourable”.  At Space Solutions, we’re a little less pretentious – “if you don’t know where you’re going then any bus will do.” 

If you’re going to get a workplace project right, then any bus will not do!

Approaching workplace change, whether moving to a new space or refurbishing an existing one, is a daunting prospect – not least because inevitably, someone has been tasked with managing the project along with their day-job.  It can be tempting to rush in, pick a building, focus on desk numbers and meeting room sizes, and push on with construction.  It goes without saying, that’s not the ideal strategy!

So, what are the three pillars of a workplace project and how do you get them right?

1.      People – the users of the space

2.      The Business – understand the business vision, strategy and brand

3.      The Space – the physical space that will be transformed into your home

The value of a workplace isn’t to simply keep the rain off our laptops.  It’s where your people can become a team and where your business can create a home.  Reflecting your brand in the space isn’t about putting your logo on the walls, it’s about creating a space that reflects and enhances your shared values and culture.

Listen to your people at the outset of the project.  Workplace consultancy is about understanding how people want to work and how this can be collectively achieved to transform the business. 

Engage with workplace design specialists.  Design is about preparing the space for your people, aligning it with their needs – not the other way around.

Communicate with your people.  Change management is about preparing your people for the space through engagement and communication throughout the project.

When you do these things right, your project will be a fun and exciting experience for the business, and perhaps more significantly, you’ll end up with a space that is right for your people and your future.


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