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2020 Trend: Green Travel

Posted on Thu, 2019-12-12 10:20 by Stephen Griffiths, Studio Director, North East

For the past 14 years I have commuted 235,000 miles, spending over 7 and a half months of collective commuting time going to and from work. I have used two modes of transport during this time, the car or train.

It is the not only the mode of travel but our conscious behaviors towards the impact of travel that have changed hugely during this period, to travel or not to travel has become the norm, not just in our workplace but in our everyday lives. It’s a change that will continue into 2020 and the impact this will have on the way we design our workplaces.

We know that travel behaviours need to change and are changing.  Carbon conscious travelers can cycle to work, those who do need to drive have the option of ditching the diesel company car for a green long-range electric car, with significant tax incentives and government backed schemes.

Public transport has also followed suit with electric buses and trams. Tech savvy Millennial’s have been the most conscious generation to lead the future Green Travel trends for work and holidays through their desire to create a better work life balance, flexible remote working, agile workplaces and jobs.

The trend is not to encourage people to travel more, it’s the complete opposite, people are going to spend less time commuting and traveling. This is a direct impact of trying to do more with less and having a greener lifestyle. Working more flexible hours, remote working, using always connected technology to communicate and connect with others via VC, Skype, email, social media. They have all had an impact on removing the need to travel to that important meeting without leaving the comfort of your office or home office.

However, I strongly believe people do business with people and we will always need personal contact and interaction. It’s an important part of my role and one I wouldn’t want to change. So, travel is never going to stop, however our behaviors and Green Travel conscious trend will be the norm for 2020.