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2020 Trend: Down to Earth

Posted on Tue, 2019-12-17 10:24 by Victoria Speirs, Head of Interior Design

As the years progress, the planet is slowly going into overload. Many people are becoming more cautious of the world around them and with the huge increase in population the building industry is on fire, producing more than ever.

Predicting 2020’s theme within the workplace, I guess as the world is becoming more ‘careful’ about waste, by incorporating recycled/upcycled or reclaimed materials or furniture into the workplace at design stage could make a significant difference. Fresh earth space. This is appealing to a lot more people.

Within the workplace, design in the past has been less of a priority than functionality, however generation Z are obsessed with socials and aesthetics. In workplace design, people often feel a divide from the office and outdoors as there is usually limited natural lighting which makes it feel closed off. People find themselves not wanting to be at work as a result of this and in 2020 the rise of daylight into a space will become more sought after. Using this along with warm neutrals help keep a balance.

When technology began taking over our life’s, people became less encouraged to socialise and communicate especially in environments like offices. Over the past few years the demand for co-working spaces has increased massively. These down to earth spaces help people have a break from the office and get involved with their colleagues. The simple co working space approach to the workplace environment, is going to become more abstract, taking a different approach from the current array of different minimalist desk layouts.

Considering this, the green space in the image, is viewed from the surrounding offices, helping to bring a better atmosphere to the space. It not only brightens it up, it’s a whole twist on an office design. This earthly design is going to continue to appeal to the emerging workforce.

Green indoor gathering strip replacing an ordinary foyer.