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2020 Trend: Calm Space

Posted on Mon, 2019-12-09 10:08 by Lucy Galloway, Head of Interior Design

We are currently living in constant moments of political and cultural uncertainty, from this we seek to find areas of calm space, and it’s a trend I certainly believe we will see continuing to pop up and play a fundamental role in designing for the workplace.

How we seek calm, that moment of zen to reflect, be present and focused on our daily tasks, is no longer ‘fixed’ by a once a year spa treatment or quick read on the train.  

We will see collaborative, stripped back, open plan space being exchanged for layered, variety, comfort and control for both the user and occupier (check Victoria’s 2020 trend Home from Home

We envisage material and colour palettes to be a complementary balance of pastels, earthy tones and grounded green hues.

A project that's influenced this trend prediction is the inspiring work carried out by our client, the Scottish Courts Tribunal Services at The Glasgow Tribunal Centre. They are seeking to change and develop spaces for justice to be a more holistic environment for witnesses and users.

One of the early engagement sessions and design workshops was hosted with a group of primary school pupils,  when asked what colour they'd like the 'hearing' room to be one boy answered 'skin colour’ whilst pointing to his arm and selected a range of pastel peachy, pink neutral tones of fabric swatches as their choice. They didn’t want a stark, sterile, clinical space nor did they want loud, bright colours – calmness was key.

I think we can all see benefits this would bring in everyday environments and spaces.