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2020 Trend: Bold Monochromatics

Posted on Fri, 2019-12-20 14:05 by Jennifer Scullion, Interior Designer

Gone are the days of contrasting material finishes and furniture; 2020 is the year of the monochrome but it’s not what you think – this time we go BOLD!

When we think of monochrome, we often think of greys and black and whites. The definition of monochrome is “one colour” and therefore, using any one colour within a space can technically be said to be monochrome. Using a single bold colour throughout the finishes can make the space feel larger but also creates a contemporary, fresh feel and adds a sense of humor to a space: Think of EL&N London- or more popularly known as “The Pink Café” - but bigger. Limiting yourself to a single colour palette allows you to explore and play with different textures and shades. This also allows for exploration of the architecture of the interior and furniture by playing with shape and form within the space instead. Colour can determine a persons’ mood and thus, if you use a single colour in a space, you can evoke a single mood with the interior – makes sense, right? So, in 2020, forget contrast and get matching your floors, walls and furnishings and create a statement.