Move and Change Management Consultancy Services Brochure

Commercial relocations of all types and scale can be challenging, costly and time-consuming.

Managing often-demanding stakeholders, whilst organising key workstreams and controlling all other facets of an often-changing project can quickly become overwhelming.

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Inspiring People by Design

Inspiring People by Design Brochure

Intelligent and inspiring design combined with excellent delivery has two distinct groups of benefits:

The project benefits come from working with Space Solutions as a one stop shop to both design and deliver your new work environment. A holistic view and understanding of the project can...

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Great Space Is Great For Business

What are the core needs of an SME Business looking for a workplace change? Is your business on an upward surge – or perhaps has seen its revenues flatten out, or worse still, have they slumped badly? Answer yes to any of these and it is highly likely that a change will need to be made to your...
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Facing a lease break: Should I Stay or Should I Go

The vast majority of businesses rent their commercial premises, but it’s only a small minority that squeeze anything like the full potential out of the unnecessary cost and hampers their ability to improve productivity and realise their full potential.

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Workplace Strategy Consultancy Brochure

Workplace consultancy focuses on the relationship between people and space.  A workplace strategy designed and implemented by our team can result in immense benefits to your organisation and staff.

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Unlocking Efficiency in a Business

Digital revolution, ongoing economic challenges and the growing proportion of millennial generation workers have all contributed to a number of changes in work styles, the subsequent design of workplaces and a need by businesses to operate as efficiently as possible.

Can all these...

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Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES) Brochure

Corporate Real Estate is no longer just about bricks and mortar. Today a structured approach to people, property and technology is required to realise potential operational and financial benefits to your business.

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Understanding the Finances of Design and Fit-out

It is a familiar challenge to most companies – how to transform your workplace or plan for a much-needed expansion without it putting the business under undue financial pressure?

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